There are four ways we continue to ensure we maintain the highest standard of safety: personnel training, preventative maintenance and redundant safety systems, and high level security. Since Entergy purchased the plant in 2002, the company has invested millions of dollars to upgrade safety and security programs and training with the overarching goal to make certain that Vermont Yankee maintains the highest safety and security standards.

Personnel Training:Plant operators are required to complete training courses one out of every six weeks.

Maintenance and Safety Systems: Maintenance and monitoring of every aspect of the facility are ongoing every day and all our expert staff, in addition to two full time Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspectors, is encouraged to speak up whenever they identify a component or process that may require improvement.

It is also important to know that Vermont Yankee was designed with multiple and redundant safety systems and is equipped with industry-leading safety measures to prevent incident. The plant features a containment structure of steel-reinforced concrete lined with a thick steel inner shell that houses the nuclear reactor, which is also well protected by its own structural safety components.

Security: Vermont Yankee has several layers of security including highly restricted access controlled by state-of-the-art security systems. Access to the plant is restricted to employees who have passed an in-depth security background check and who undergo a lengthy entry and exit search process at our security checkpoints - daily. Within the plant, access to sensitive areas is even further restricted. Vermont Yankee is monitored around the clock by well-trained, heavily armed security force officers. The plant and property are protected by vehicle barriers, double fencing with razor wire, television surveillance and other high tech security devices. Security Officer Vermont Yankee's containment structure is among the strongest structures built by man. It is designed to safeguard the community and plant personnel even under extreme and unlikely accidents or assault scenarios.

As the owner and operator of eleven nuclear power plants, Entergy has developed a strong reputation for its dedication to quality performance.