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New Orleans linemen square Katrina debt with Sandy aid (Reuters)

Approximately 900 Entergy crewmen from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas came to aid utilities restore power after Hurricane Sandy dealt a devastating blow to the region. Reuters explored the work that one Entergy crew is doing to help Con Edison in New York City in their article, “New Orleans linemen square Katrina debt with Sandy aid.”

The crews came last week to “repay a debt,” said Glenn Nicholas, an operations coordinator with Entergy who has worked on power lines for 34 years. “When Katrina hit, we tried to handle it alone, and it was too big. We reached out to Con Ed, and they saved our butts.” So when Con Ed called as Sandy was hammering the region “we volunteered.”

Con Ed also knew “Entergy had employees trained to handle below-surface work, critical for helping clean up the 14-foot (4.3-meter) storm surge that pushed corrosive salt water across a swathe of southern Manhattan, damaging electrical systems.”

As for the tough conditions, sleeping on army cots in a nearby boat away from their families and working long days? Glenn simply says, “No problem, just part of the job.”

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