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Did You Know?

  1. Vermont Yankee has been providing power safely for more than 40 years.
  2. Since acquiring Vermont Yankee in 2002, Entergy has invested over $400 million dollars to upgrade safety and security at the plant.
  3. Vermont Yankee can safely and automatically shut down within seconds if a problem is detected.
  4. Spent nuclear fuel can be stored safely in above-ground containers. It's called "dry fuel storage." The storage containers can resist fire, floods, tornadoes, missiles, temperature extremes, earthquakes, and even a direct impact by a large aircraft, without releasing radiation.
  5. Vermont Yankee produces electricity using nuclear fuel and does not use fossil fuels. This helps safeguard against acid rain and over-dependence on foreign sources of fuel.
  6. Vermont Yankee is Vermont's "hometown power factory." It provides $100 million annually in economic benefit to the state and region through payroll, taxes and local purchases of goods and services.
  7. Vermont Yankee staff members receive more job-related training than those of any other industry.
  8. Two full time resident inspectors from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission review day-to-day activities to assure the plant operates safely and meets federal regulations. The State of Vermont's nuclear engineer also provides oversight.
  9. The 2006 "power uprate" added 20 percent to the amount of electricity Vermont Yankee can produce and reduced the need to build other power plants and transmission lines in the state.
  10. The large amount of power - 650 megawatts - produced at Vermont Yankee reduces the need to build power plants that emit pollutants and greenhouse gasses.