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About Entergy Nuclear

A Recognized Leader

Entergy Nuclear is part of Entergy Corporation, a global energy company based in New Orleans. The nuclear businesses of Entergy Corporation are guided from the Jackson, Mississippi headquarters under the brand name of Entergy Nuclear. The company has transformed itself from a regional power utility into a national nuclear operating company through an aggressive acquisition program, begun in 1988 as one of the parent corporation's principal growth strategies. At that time, when most utilities wanted to divest their nuclear units, Entergy Nuclear knew that the 103 nuclear units across the nation had unrealized value and potential that could be tapped by a knowledgeable, experienced nuclear operator.

Entergy Nuclear is a recognized leader in every aspect of the nuclear power plant life cycle.

The Entergy Nuclear Family

Vermont Yankee is one of 12 plants, located on 10 sites. All of them are owned and operated, or managed, by Entergy Nuclear in the U.S. Their stations include: